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Who we are

Action Vijana Empowerment Program Kenya (AVEP CBO KENYA) is an initiative of Action Faith Generation youth movement in partnership with AVEP CBO Nairobi Kenya. The objective of the initiative is to empower youths and women in skills to intiate income generating activities that improve their economic status by creating self employment for sustainable livelihoods.

The CBO is fully registered in Nairobi County with the Ministry of labour,social secuity, and services and has operational offices at Kasarani subcounty Claycity ward Along Thika road at Carwash footbridge.

The CBO promotes ethical business practices by offering youths financial literacy skills to promote a saving culture among the youth to make sound investments in future. We also provide a platform to connect youths to potential employers and other career opportunities throughour network and partners.


Background Information

The Action Vijana Empowerment program was birthed through Action Faith Movement Mission activities.

Action Faith Generation (AFGYM) is an interdenominational Youth Movement based on National and international soul-winning campaigns. The movement started with a vision given by God to the founder of AFG (Sister Grace Nyaga) in 2007.

On Sunday 8th April 2007 at Redeemed Gospel Church Pumwani Nairobi County, Sister Grace Nyaga shared her vision to evangelize to young people all over the world with Senior Pastor (Pastor Gideon Kayanja) Elders and Members of Jesus Praise Centre (RGC) Pumwani. They embraced the Vision and hence the movement was launched amidst celebration and the brethren committed to supporting the movement's activities.

Since then, the movement has got support from churches in and outside Kenya, corporate institutions, and faith-based organizations. For over 16 years the movement has been in existence, it has made tremendous achievements in the country and God's Kingdom. There has been a notable transformation in the lives of young people spiritually, socially, and economically. Thousand of souls have come to Christ including those of different religions. The period has also seen the movement expand nationally and internationally. Several Branches have been established in various counties in the country including Thika, Embu, Mombasa, and Kitale, and in Nairobi, we have Kasarani and Mwiki chapters. Internationally we have a branch in Kampala-Uganda and Kigali Rwanda. We also have partners in Tanzania, Congo, the Middle East, the USA, Germany, and the UK.

To enable the movement to achieve its spiritual and financial obligations to empower the youths wholistically, the Action Vijana Empowerment Plan (AVEP KENYA) was launched within the movement in January 2012 at Memorial Bomb Blast Park Nairobi. Through this plan much has been achieved Avep Kenya has opened Youth information centers within the AFG branches to give the youth and the community relevant and up-to-date information including - training opportunities, seminars, missions, conferences employment, exhibitions, Educative tours, exchange programs, market for produce, funding programs like Uwezo fund, Youth fund, etc.


Membership is free and voluntary for the AFG movement, However, members are encouraged to join the empowerment program (AVEP Kenya). To register for the empowerment plan, one pays Ksh. 500, payable once, and then be paying Ksh.1000 YEARLY subscription which goes towards one's savings and shares in the empowerment programme.
Those who wish to partner with the movement are free to do so. Partners can pledge their support towards the activities of the movement, financially and actively participate in the activities of the movement. The movement will also participate, where possible, in the activities of its partners. Everyone in the movement is given an opportunity to participate in the Global Youth for Jesus Campaign (Vijana na Yesu Campaign).

Activities of the movement

The movement organizes door to door/one on one evangelism campaigns throughout the year organized by itself or by its partners.
Talent shows
In order to identify and develop talents among the youth, the movement, through its empowerment programme, organizes activities and events through which the members can showcase their talents. Those with talents are assisted in nurturing and developing their talents. They are also linked to people and organizations that can help them work on their talents. These activities include exhibitions, trade fairs, concerts, expos, etc.
Crusades/open air
From time to time, the movement holds open air meetings organized by itself or its partners aimed at spreading the Gospel of Christ.
The movement from time to time holds conferences to enlighten the members and bring on board those with a heart for the Kingdom to discuss matters aimed at furtherance of the Kingdom and holistic empowerment of the people.
For team building and developing of strategic plans for the movement, retreats are organized in different parts of the country. Training programmes are also organized to train members on important issues affecting them for leadership development and capacity building.
As a way to develop the youth talent and bring them to meaningful recreation, the movement holds annual sporting events where other individuals and organizations are invited. This event is held every 20th October of every year. These sporting activities are used as means of sports evangelism to reach groups which are not affiliated with any church


  • To realize and uplift youth talents, visions, and gifts by giving them a chance to participate in the movement’s activities.
  • To empower youth spiritually, economically, socially and professionally by giving them advice and support through principled born again servants of God and Action Vijana Empowerment Plan Kenya.
  • To raise charismatic leaders in the society and God’s Kingdom through seminars, workshops and youth leaders’ forums.
  • To offer training on leadership development to help the youth to be more focused, different and to have faith and trust in God for a better future.
  • To award youth, artists and partners who have participated in soul winning campaigns as role models in sound doctrine.


Programs & Training


Since its inception, the CBO has actively empowered youth spiritually, socially, and economically. It builds youth capacity by training them to transform talents into self-employment ventures. The organization connects youth with partners to acquire skills and funding for income-generating activities or talent development. Additionally, the CBO promotes a savings culture to help youth invest in long-term projects.

The organization provides a platform to connect youths to potential employers, careers and training opportunities. This is done via our networks and partners where youth members get training opportunities on specific areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, record keeping,digital inclusion and environmental action among other areas.

We also identify investment opportunities and utilize these opportunities to achieve the organization’s goal of enabling members to generate income for both the empowerment of the group and the individual. In order to live up to its mission and vision, the group undertaken the following projects since its inception in 2007 to date:


This is a digital social Media platform which gives youths a platform to create .....

Action Vijana College 2020

This is a college established for professional training under TVET.The training centre is located .....


Action Vijana Empowerment Plan Kenya, a collaboration between Avep CBO and .....


Deals with event planning for various occasions like seminars, workshops, weddings .....

Volleyball club-Citc

The AVEP Volleyball Club-CITC Pumwani 2010 highlights the importance of community .....

Soap Making business

We encourage youths to create cottage industries and promote self employment .....

Team Leaders

Grace Nyaga

Director - Founder Avep Kenya

Antony Njuguna

Digital content Manager

Joel Wainaina Karanja

Admin Avep CBO

Valentine Kaluki

Secretary AVEP CBO

Andrew Mulwa

Youth mentor

Elizabeth Mungania

Program Coordinator Avep CBO

Timothy Kimani

Youth Rep

Njuguna Samuel

Committee member Avep CBO


The realization that it might not be possible to face life challenges alone led to the formation of this initiative. This is in line with the vision of the members of the organization to live a life of excellence. As a result, Avep kenya is helping young people who have gone through hard situations in life to be encouraged and prove to them that they can make it in life.
There have been testimonies of success which has come about because of the help we have received from professional advisers/counselors. The CBO is building hope for many and saving lives thus preventing many senseless crimes and deaths.
In line with these activities, the CBO has gone ahead with various initiatives meant to empower the youths and help them empower others.

  • The business advisory desk is designed for the youth in business or intending to start a business. Our aim is to equip them with the necessary tools for success. In this regard, we help the youth identify viable business opportunities, generate business ideas and turn them into businesses. We also equip them with entrepreneurial skills.
    Moreover, we help the youths identify the various reasons for business failure and give them tips on avoiding such failure. Our aim is to inculcate life skills for the young entrepreneurs and promote a culture of honesty.

  • This is meant to be a kitchen to nurture all kinds of talents including music, sports and other exceptional talents among youths.
    Youths are given an opportunity to do practice and market their skills in various sports, music, and instruments like the guitar, the drum set, trumpets, keyboard, DJ skills, etc.

  • This is meant to equip youth with skills that will help them become productive members of the society by using their innovation to generate viable business ideas. Through partner organization, we offer digital skills, selected computer packages to equip the youths with ICT knowledge. We also offer training on Bar soap and detergents,tie ad dye designs, making khaki gifts bags and packaging bags using locally available materials.This is to promote job creation and self employment.

  • Designed for youths who need guidance and counseling and at the same time pursue employment, job skills, etc. In these programmes, the youths are motivated, taught leadership skills, CV and cover letter writing, interview skills, and other job related skills.

  • This one is designed for youths with a passion for reading and doing private studies. This facility is equipped with inspirational books from different writers, Bible Study materials, including books, audio & visual CDs, etc.This is to help youths use their leisure time constructively and empower them in the process. A privilege for borrowing books will be given to members only.

  • Over the years we have made so many achievements while engaging a variety of activities we are involved in. We have gone for missions within and outside the country. These have given the youth an opportunity to the youth to interact with different cultures and empower them



The journey has not been easy, but the achievements have been great through trust in God. Therefore we invite all interested to partner with us in this noble course.

Our Channels

Financial support can be directed to our account at Kenya Commercial Bank and through our Pay Bill.

Bank - Kenya Commercial bank

ACCOUNT NO: 1281152730
Account Name: AVEP Community Based Organiza
Branch: Kasarani

Pay Bill

Business no: 522 522
Account: 7525395


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